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Established in 2007, Butterflute's Wedding Chapel is a repurposed boat lettering shop that also doubles as an art studio..  Victoria is an avid gardener and over the years transformed her corner of the shipyard into a charming garden. It is in this garden, amid the rough and tumble of the boatyard that the wedding ceremony is performed. There is also an interior room available for food and beverage display.

Sausalito Wedding Chapel Maritime Ocean Garden Universal Life Minister


"When love is in air, that's where I want to be!  It is a privilege working with couples and helping them move forward in life and love."

Butterflute's Wedding Chapel was created in 2007 by Universal Life Minister, Victoria Colella who is also the resident sign-maker and a local maritime historian. She published a guide book in 2003 entitled the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour and leads walking tours and treasure hunts along the Sausalito waterfront..

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